Cross Your Fingers When You Lie

I swear everything will be all right.

The last time I took one of those personality tests was about five years ago. Back then, I was an ENTP-T. A couple nights ago, I tried again and I am now an ISFP-T. I spoke to my SL sister about it, and she thinks it fits. It just got me thinking about how we are all constantly changing, how life experiences and what we take from them mold us and help for us to grow. Sometimes I wonder if I liked myself more back then, or maybe I was just less insecure. There are these moments that I find so difficult, and I’ll push through them because “Things have been worse.” Maybe I was more equipped to handle it then.

Anyway, it got me to thinking that if I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself from five years ago, what would I say? My first thought was to warn him about everything that would happen. I’ve always had this problem where I think worst case scenario and despite all that, I was not prepared for even half the things that occurred. I realized that I would probably just cross my fingers and lie. I would swear that everything will be all right. I mean, it is not fully a lie, right?

Facebook memories are weird. This time last year I posted the photo with the TV on my head, and all I wanted was to turn off all the noise inside my head. I really liked that one. In other news, we had our first interactive trick-or-treat session, and we had over 80 people on the sim throughout the two hour session. I was pleased, and I am really hoping everyone enjoyed themselves. We have 23 houses this year, and we were able to get someone at each house to give out candy. My social battery was severely depleted afterwards, but it’s odd. I go through these moods where I hide out in my cave, but then I decide I feel like being sociable, but it exhausts me. I also always feel awkward. Without fail. We do have a second session on October 29 from 12PM – 2PM SLT. I need four more people to give out candy, so if you’re available, let me know!

Clothes & Things

  • Hair – Doux – Chris
  • Top – Cold Ash – Raphael Shirt
  • Pants – Cold Ash – Larkham Jeans
  • Shoes – Deadwool – Shelby Boots
  • Top (On Right) – Ascend @ Man Cave – Yong Static Arms Jacket
  • Pants (On Right) – Deadwool – Broberry Jeans
  • Shoes (On Right) – Deadwool – Chase Sneakers

Decor & Things


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