Christmas Eve Will Find Me Where The Love Light Gleams

I have been fairly open with my friends, and I suppose my blog as well. It has been a struggle to find the Christmas spirit this year. Mostly because I get stuck in my head and things felt more joyful in year’s past. If we consider my last blog photo as a metaphor for how I was feeling, this one… It’s a reminder that even in my darkest moments, I have friends in my life that I am grateful for the light they shine in mine.

I like giving people prompts for the photographs they appear in. This one was “Imagine I am really sad and entirely not feeling festive, but you guys come in to give me a bit of that Christmas spirit.” The idea was I would be sitting around with all these Christmas things out with zero inclination or desire to actually do anything with them, and then they arrived. It’s not that they discount my feelings, they just do their best to make me smile. Sometimes I forget that I don’t need to keep things to myself, and there are people in my life that I can rely on who love me. And if I were to take every word in the English language to try to even express how grateful I am for them, I would not even scratch the surface of my affection or gratitude.

Anyway, I am all about capturing candid moments like last year. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas Eve. And thank you so much to Taylor, Sylvia, June, Mauro and Hayden for their patience with this photograph. I was planning on doing this photo earlier in the month, but I am the king of procrastination. I do have one more photo that I am currently shooting today, like actually in process. Hopefully it works out, so wish me luck and Merry Almost Christmas!

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