It’s Not Fine

바보처럼 되뇌는 나
입가에 맴도는 말을 삼킬 수 없어

It is as though every year I get older, it feels less like the Christmases I used to remember. Or maybe the world just seems less beautiful and less wonder filled. Or maybe I’m not so easily impressed. Or maybe the nostalgia and fondness of holiday’s long past have been thrust upon this pedestal in my mind that nothing could compare. I try to do things to capture that magic and that feeling. It’s part of why I wanted to do the I’ll Be Home For Christmas winter destination in SL.

In other news, since I went to the Blackpink concert over a month ago, I am 100% back into my KPop kick. This song is one of the one’s I have on repeat, at the moment. I am going to attempt two more pictures before Christmas, but you know how it is with me and photos for the past year or so. Well-intentioned but rarely executed.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit, I’ll Be Home For Christmas. You really should for the visitor gifts and the incredible twenty-two cookies in the Winter Neighborhood.

Random question, who else likes giving gifts but doesn’t really like receiving them?

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