I’ll Be Home For Christmas Recipe Book

The Interactive Cookie Swap at the Holiday Neighborhood on the “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” is now stocked with cookies for everyone to come and collect!

Be sure to come visit our 23 uniquely decorated homes at the Holiday Neighborhood Twenty-two of the homes have a custom made cookie to collect with a rezzable decor and holdable version (one home has the cookie tins to collect). All these cookies come with a corresponding real life recipe in our companion publication.

While the cookies can be collected at any time, we will host one interactive cookie session where someone will be at each home giving out cookies (It’s like trick-or-treating but festive for the holidays). This is on Saturday December 17 from 12PM-2PM SLT, followed by a sim party with DJ Sol on Sunday December 18 from 12PM-2PM SLT and a special KPop performance right after! If you are interested in giving out cookies and interacting with visitors during the Cookie Swap, please sign up here: forms.gle/MdcUC4Y5mKPLaHsw7

Visit the Holiday Neighborhood and collect all twenty-two cookies!
Check out our recipe book.

Thank you to Taylor Wassep for photographing and designing the cover. An even bigger thank you to Ella of Elm for making all the cookies again this year!


I am very happy to have the cookies back again, and I am so grateful to Ella for making that happen. I really hope people visit and enjoy them as much as they did last year. I am having some issues at the moment, and the happiness “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” has brought others, truly does lift my spirits. Sometimes all we need is a bit of a light to keep going. In other news, I can vouch for a few of the cookies that appear in the recipe book. They are absolutely delicious. My top 3 would be the hot chocolate cookie, brown butter bourbon chocolate chunk cookie and the white chocolate dipped ginger cookies. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this publication. Plus taking the photos was a truly seamless process and thankfully I still had my layout from last year to do the recipes!

There are a couple photos I have planned to do before the end of the year. It seems for everything else, I can just make things happen; however, when it comes to the photography in SL… I have such high hopes that don’t always come to fruition.


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