A Second Life Thanksgiving Project 2022

A Second Life Thanksgiving Project” is a collaborative publication we first did two years ago, and we brought it back again this year. If there is one thing the world needs more of, it is kindness and what better way to express it than to those we are most thankful for. For this project, residents from across the grid submitted a short note for someone and shared why they are thankful for them.


I really am so awful at not even time management, but just planning in general. With the help of some incredible people, there has yet to be a time than things do not get done. That is definitely considered a blessing. When I was laying out the book yesterday and reading everyone’s notes, this is going to sound cheesy but I almost felt this feeling in my heart. You know the feeling, more than half these people I don’t know but seeing their words of appreciation for this person in their life made me feel good. Almost hopeful. I get into such a negative mind space sometimes, and I can’t help but bring myself down. Then, it’s like these little reminders come up, and the world is almost beautiful again. My sincerest wish is that this brings a bit of a bright light until people’s lives and makes them happy.

Anyway, I’m leaving Wednesday for a few days for Thanksgiving, but we’re making fantastic progress on the winter sim. I’m pleased. Designers have begun moving into the village, and our neighborhood is being decorated, as well. I really am grateful for everyone involved, especially Taylor and Sylvia.

In other news, I haven’t figured out why June puts up with me but I am very much excited for the upcoming round of Farmers Market. I have seen some incredible work so far from the participating designers… and June and I are releasing another DahliaXDAUNTLESS collab.


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