It Was Just A Scattered Dream Between the Ocean of Our Souls

I always have these best intentions when it comes to blogging, but I don’t have it in me anymore to create images. This is not for a lack of wanting to, but I will spend hours trying to work out a scene but if there is no meaning to me… I just can’t. I remember years ago I had done seventeen photos in one month and was not even feeling burnt out. Now, I have one monthly timer, and here I am less than an hour before it goes off, trying my best to post it.

I wish I was more inspired. I wonder why sometimes too. Why do these photos need to resonate with me so deeply for me to even get to the point of taking the photograph, nevermind bringing it into photoshop.

Anyway, I start the Halloween neighborhood next week, and it will be our fourth year doing it. I am looking forward to it, maybe I’ve spent too much time in my own solitude these past few months that being a bit social is what I need. In other news, for the first time in years, I’m living in this cute little area with my friends. You’re invited to our landwarming party.

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