If Every Breath is Sacred, God, I Wanna Breathe

Deep enough to feel something
Deep enough to believe
Please show me how to breathe deep

Do you ever feel so incredibly alone? Like you’re surrounded by people, and you have the most amazing friends and support system, but for some reason you can’t just get out of your head? It’s like with every moment, it’s just another stone placed on your chest. One stone is fine, and so is two and three and four and exponentially more. Until it gets to the point, where everything feels too heavy. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and remember to breathe.

I had this idea for this photograph, where the interior of a car would frame the photograph. It took me awhile to find a car that opened, and I actually contacted James, the owner of 777 Motors to see if he could possibly open the door wider. He kindly took the time to actually make the car door open wider so I could get the full shot the way I wanted to. With the photo, I could have gone two directions but ultimately went with pensive and solitude. In case you didn’t know, I get stuck in my head quite a bit (to my own detriment). I might try the other photo another time.

Anyway, I will be busy the next couple of weeks. I will be visiting my sister for her birthday, and we’ll be headed to Orlando to get our Harry Potter on at Universal. I also have “My Bloody Valentine” event coming up, where the theme is love is to die for, literally with a focus on classic horror movie couples. In other news, Ella of Elm made a fantastic group gift for Panache Events. Be sure to check it out because for FOURTEEN days only it is free to the Panache Events SL – Customer Group via notices, after which it will be available full price at Elm.

Clothes & Things

  • Hair – Tram – I0129
  • Top – Ascend – Wilbert Jacket
  • Pants – Cold Ash – Larkham Jeans (Skinny)

Decor & Things

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