The Interactive Cookie Swap

The Interactive Cookie Swap at the Winter Village presented by Solstice is now open!

Be sure to come visit our 28 uniquely decorated gingerbread homes. Each home has a custom made cookie to collect with two reusable decor versions and one holdable version. All these cookies come with a corresponding real life recipe in our companion publication: Cookie Swap Recipe Book

While the cookies can be collected at any time, we will host one interactive cookie session where someone will be at each gingerbread house giving out cookies. This is on Saturday December 18 from 12PM-2PM SLT, followed by a party with DJ Max. If you are interested, here is our sign up sheet: Interactive Cookie Swap

Visit and collect your cookies atthe Winter Village


In the middle of the Halloween set up for the Interactive Trick or Treat Neighborhood and Carnival, Dash and Ky had already started laying out the foundation for the Winter Village. Many of the projects I have are centered around the concept of community in Second Life, and I am grateful to have met these two people who are similarly minded but infinitely more creative. For this event, they created a solstice wonderland. There are some fun places for sightseeing, as well as some great winter activities like ice skating, mini golf, snowball fights and more!

Unlike most winter villages, all the homes are gingerbread houses. All 28 homes are uniquely decorated by some of my favorite people on Second Life. We also wanted to have a bit of an interactive experience like trick or treat, so we did a cookie swap or a cookie hunt, whatever you want to call it. There are 28 different cookies with two of each for a total of 56 cookies. These were all custom made by Ella, and she did a fantastic job. I also had June make cookie tins, and she rezzed them on the sim as a gift for everyone.

Since September, I have had back to back things going on. I went from the Fellowship to ECLIPSE Magazine to the Halloween sim to A Thousand Words to the Snowdrops sim to KPop United to the Cookie Swap, and I have a bit of down time. I couldn’t have done it without Ara who some how manages to temper me and reassure me. Of course, it helps having June and Taylor too. Thankfully, they still are around despite the random things I rope them into.

I do have ECLIPSE Magazine set to be published for December, and I also have a six part photo essay that I am very excited for.

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