Even If Just For Tonight

I wish I could turn off the noise inside my head.

It’s been one of those moments, except continuous so it almost feels infinite. A culmination of self-doubt and worries that haunt coupled with things you should know yet… here we are. Like stones placed upon your chest and the feeling of labored breath. Keeping busy always helps though.

This past Saturday we had our first session for interactive trick-or-treat. It is worth a visit to our 3rd Annual Interactive Trick or Treat Halloween Neighborhood and Carnival because there are 25 decorated houses which are fantastic, a carnival, maze, plus a hunt with gifts from KraftWork, Dahlia, Thor, Wicca’s Originals, Studio Dire, Cosmic Dust and more… We will have our second interactive session on October 30th from 12PM-2PM SLT.

I’ve got two winter sims, both completely different concepts in the works, and I’m excited for both. I have my “A Thousand Words” exhibit coming up which is a collaborative effort between twenty-one talented photographers. There is also KPop United from November 13 to 26th. There’s a lot going on. It’s best this way.

Clothes & Things

Decor & Things

  • KraftWork – Once Upon A House – Dark Broken Chair 2
  • KraftWork – Once Upon A House – Dark Broken Table
  • KraftWork – Once Upon A House – Scattered Papers
  • KraftWork – Once Upon A House – Abandoned House
  • KraftWork – Once Upon A House – Dark Destroyed Piano

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