ECLIPSE Magazine October 2021

For this issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature DFS (Digital Farming System) as our cover feature. For “Through the Lens,” Hayden, Mauro and Taylor gives us their take on cozy autumn. We have two special articles one highlighting, Hunter of Stealthic and another on The Solstice: The Fellowship. Be sure to check out: “The Kitchen Corner” with homemade spaghetti sauce, “The Proust Spotlight” with Kulaan D. Dragon, “The Wayfarer” exploring Deer River, “Voices from the Grid” where residents share their thoughts, “Across the Grid” with sirens and mermaids and “The Art Perspective” reviewing the Linden Gallery of Resident Art.

I am so happy to have this issue published, and I actually enjoyed the whole process for the most part. I do plan on publishing a December issue because a holiday one would be fun. With this issue, we also did “Kitchen Corner” a bit differently, and I think moving forward we will follow this format. Not only do we provide a detailed recipe, but the photography isn’t just the food but the process and aftermath, as well. I do hope to blog a bit more this month; however, I have my 3rd Annual Interactive Trick or Treat Neighborhood, A Thousand Words project, KPop United 2021 and I’m sure I’ll think of a few other things along the way.

Read the latest issue: ECLIPSE Magazine October 2021

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