ECLIPSE Magazine April 2021

For this issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we interviewed eight Second Life residents who shared how they adapted their virtual world to address the real life challenges of the past thirteen months with the pandemic. Our cover imagery featured Sungyoung Holloway-Zhao, a RL nurse and one of the residents we interviewed. There are a total of nice pieces this month. For “Through the Lens,” Hayden, Stef and Taylor show us their best spring inspirations. We also have two features with Sol’s Tarot and The Bay. Be sure to check out: “The Kitchen Corner” with Bento Boxes, “Proust Spotlight” with Mauro Rosenfeld, “The Wayfarer” with Luane’s World, “Voices from the Grid” where residents share their thoughts and “Across the Grid” with Dark Romantic.


This was supposed to come out in March, but it came out in April instead! It happens. Anyway, I hope you take a read on the issue. I also realize the blurb up top does not do the cover story any justice. Instead of rewording Cajsa’s words, I took an excerpt out of the cover story she wrote:

To find out how some Second Lifers adapted their virtual world to solve real-world problems we interviewed eight people to get a sampling of opinion. We talked to teachers who adapted their methods to Second Life and a health care worker who found relaxation and respite. We interviewed a former SLer who came back when the loneliness of shut down became overwhelming. We also interviewed a woman with terminal cancer who was denied the support of family by the strict shutdown and found safe companionship in-world. We also talked to a couple people who might have seen an uptick in SL as concurrency increased in the early days of the pandemic. Even in the time of coronavirus, Second Life is our world, our imagination.

Ara is my cover photographer now. I’ve already given her the idea for June, and she has a concept sorted out too. She makes me happy.

Read the latest issue: ECLIPSE Magazine April 2021

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