Sometimes I’ll Even Share My French Fries

These past few weeks have been super hectic. I wanted to blog earlier this month, but things happened! I feel like that’s a recurring theme. I do have an issue of ECLIPSE coming up in the next week or so. I feel like I will tease the cover on Thursday. My hard goal with that is to release it BEFORE my second dose of the COVID vaccine.

This photo was taken in London for Ara. There is an LM down below, and I think I might keep it longer than I initially planned. I tend to be like that.

My birthday was yesterday, and I caught up with a lot of my friends. It sort of feels like a birthday week because presents keep arriving. I’m not mad. My friends in SL threw me a sad birthday party with only emo music playing on Sunday. It was fantastic. I really am grateful for the people in my life. Especially Hayden, he was four people in my photograph LOL ❤

In other news, Ara is so damn cute.

I am going away this weekend, so I am hoping to blog again on Thursday. Wish me luck.

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