So Show Me What To Do To Restart This Heart Of Mine

How do I forgive myself for losing so much time?

I am playing with lights again! This is not quite what I was going for, but I’ll try again another day. I have sorted out my requirements for the month already, so I decided to blog the outfit I have been wearing for the past few weeks to immortalize it. My only regret is that the shoes cannot be seen. I mean, I have changed for when I’ve taken photos, but without fail, I’ll always put this one back on. Back to this photo though, I am having a lot of fun trying different things. I think I was getting bored with my same old, same old photos. Slowly, I’m starting to realize how lighting can help convey the overall mood in the photo. And sometimes it just looks super cool to see how lighting affects the subject.

I need to sort out some more ECLIPSE Magazine things, and I’ve put it on my 3 day to do list. I’ve also been in an RP mood lately, as in I miss running around pretending I’m a wizard. I just can’t find it in me to go to MM and write. I think part of the reason is I am too lazy to invest in a character.

In other news, I tried last photograph to post at an odd hour, and it does not appear to make any difference. I’m also not sure what is wrong with my fingers, whenever I look for something from HPMD, I will always type HMPD first.

Also, Ara is super cute, and I love her.

Clothes & Things

  • Hair – Tram – I0129
  • Top – Cold Ash – Blaise Tee
  • Pants – Mossu – John Track Pants

Decor & Things

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