It Looks Like Empathy To Understand All Sides

But I’m just trying to find myself through someone else’s eyes.

I am not entirely certain how many people actually read my blog. That’s a lie. I see the stats, but I mean like properly read it. I’ll just copy and paste what was written on Facebook: “We are looking to examine how Second Life helped residents keep it together in their first lives during these past twelve months with the pandemic. Are you a teacher who used SL as a classroom? Did you get together with family in-world while distancing in your first life? Are you an essential worker who found solace and safety online after a day of dodging viruses and anti-maskers? If you think Second Life helped you hold it together, send me or Cajsa Lilliehook a short paragraph and we will interview some of you for a story on the ways SL made these past twelve months bearable and beatable.”

Feel free to send me an email:

I tried to play with lighting in this photograph. Ara has me thinking all about that. I’m fairly certain she has explained it to me so many times, but thankfully she’s patient enough that she doesn’t really mind having to repeat herself. I’m pretty lucky to have her in my life. Anyway, I think I did all right with the photo. I’ll have to ask her later. LOL

Also, this is a bit later then when I normally post, but I want to see if time makes any difference.

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