Y él no tenía idea de que ésta era su última primer cita

A Photo Essay: In These Moments Part I

Six seconds. That is all it took. One chance glance over his shoulders, and he saw her. There were no fireworks like people say there are, and his heart certainly did not stop beating [he is still alive, after all], but he did find her quite attractive. So he asked for her number, and she gave it. The first time he texted her, it took her six minutes to text back, but they continued back and forth for six hours straight. You remember the feeling when you first meet someone? Those sleepless nights you spend staying up and learning about each other. It is exciting, and it is so brand new. The latest thrill. For a moment, those cliches come to mind, especially on day six since he met her. They decided to go on a date and how else could he describe those feelings he felt? Was the best thing he could come up with as he reached for the bouquet of roses is to say he felt butterflies in his stomach? No, he simply felt nervous, but in a good way, even as a small glint of hope could be found within his eyes.


I decided to do another photo series. There will be six photos in total. I’ll have a short paragraph/story accompanying each. It’s a burst of inspiration that came to me, and honestly… it has been a while since I’ve been this motivated. I have each photo planned out, and I am actually really excited for it.

Clothes & Things

Decor & Things

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