ECLIPSE Magazine January 2020

For this issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature the creative force behind moss&mink, the incredibly talented Cielo Capalini on the cover and share her story. On the Home & Garden front, the fantastic NatG inspired with her cozy winter themed photography spread. For Through the Lens, it’s a bit eclectic but we share our view on a new year and a new chapter. We re-visit The Sim Quarterly and learn more from Electric Monday, and for “The Proust Spotlight” we are thrilled to showcase Hayden Pierce. Check out our other features: “Artist Highlight” with Essence Bilasimo, “The World of Roleplay” with Clifton Forge, “Places to Go” with Second Life’s “Winter Wonderland,” “Voices from the Grid” where residents share their thoughts and “The Wayfarer” as he journeys to Northern Shore.


This issue was a bit of a struggle to layout, but I’m fairly happy with it. As usual, the team was fantastic. I really enjoyed the people and places we featured. And Cielo was great to work with and very understanding. I hope you enjoy this issue, as well.

But yea, I think I’m going to take a break for the rest of the evening. I did do a photograph for Through the Lens, might post it. We shall see.

Read the latest issue of ECLIPSE Magazine January 2020.

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