Like Troubled Water Running Cold

I’m back from vacation! Well, I’ve been back since Sunday, but I’m just getting back into the swing of things. There’s a lot of catch up with RL work, and I should be blogging more, but I’m losing inspiration. I almost went away this weekend to Turks and Caicos because a few of my RL friends are going to watch glow worms procreate. Alas, it was not written in my stars… because I have the rest of my vacation days allotted for the year. And I’m ridiculously far behind.

I’m doing better. I found perspective. Things happened, but there are still moments, less frequently than before. There are still things that break my heart, and there’s still that guilt – though it doesn’t quite pang and pain as it did before. I’m happier, and I’m able to laugh more freely. Do these wounds ever heal, or do we simply become accustomed to them? Does it become a cursed scar that lingers? Or is it just another faded memory in the story book of one’s life?

In other news, I don’t believe in escape rooms. That will be added to the list of liquid medicine, riding the subway past midnight and shaving facial hair.

Clothes & Things

Decor & Things

  • Studio Skye – Skye Waterfall 2 & 4
  • Keke – Butterflies Dancing – Blue
  • Keke – Even Dragonflies Dream – Rose
  • Alirium – Dwarf Forest
  • WRONG – W32-2

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