My friends and I did a Harry Potter Coffee Book, and this is one of the photographs I took! The Modulus hair Lucian was perfect for it! This is one of the photographs I took with my take on Harry’s first visit to Diagon Alley. We started planning this a couple months ago, as we waited for the Crimes of Grindelwald to come out. We contacted a few other photographers to see if they’d like to collaborate and recreate their favorite scenes.

Check out the Coffee Table Book here and see photographs by Autumn, Taylor, Cassie, Rogue, Amelia, Callie, Wicca, Novaleigh, Acacia, Elliot, Sol, Luna and Divos!
Check out Diagon Alley in-world at Mischief Managed, where I actually took the shot.

Also, I love the layout of the book, and Taylor did an excellent job with it.

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